Choosing The Best Office Mats For Your Company

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With winter quickly approaching, it is critical to provide the proper floor care solutions across your business to ensure a safe workplace for both employees and guests. Dirt and moisture can be transported into your facility on the bottoms of people’s shoes during the wetter months, especially if adequate industrial door mats are not in place to effectively trap dirt and moisture.

Office Mats

In this post, we’ll look at the floor care options accessible to your business and which mats you should use in your facility to portray a caring and respectful atmosphere for visitors and employees.

Mats For Industrial Doors

When you consider that slips and trips cause 50% of all reported injuries, it’s easy to see why heavy-duty industrial door mats are so crucial. Severe strength scraper mats are built to withstand heavy use and extreme weather conditions while still successfully trapping dirt and moisture. This keeps dirt and moisture from being tracked about your building on the bottoms of people’s shoes, which can raise your cleaning expenses and create slip risks.

Industrial mats absorb a lot of moisture and trap a lot of debris, which helps to keep the environment clean and, most importantly, safe. Our high-duty scraper mat also has a rubber back to give extra traction on slick surfaces and keep the mat from shifting.

Personalized Door Mats

First impressions are essential in business, so make sure the entryway to your building reflects well on your firm. Classic Impressions HD Custom Shape Logo MatsĀ may be a terrific way to make a good first impression when someone walks into your building. They can display an image, your company’s logo, or even a textual statement. They can also be used to display safety warnings in high-risk locations.

Our creative bespoke door mats not only promote your company but also give an effective floor care solution. They are meant to trap dirt and moisture, and our lift and lay floor mats service will keep your mats looking their best at all times.

Mats That Reduce Tiredness

Does your staff spend the majority of their time standing on hard floors? Standing for long periods consumes 20% more energy than sitting and can result in a variety of health issues, including aches and pains. If your employees spend the bulk of their time on their feet, it is worthwhile to invest in anti-fatigue mats to improve employee well-being.

The rubber cushioning technology in anti-fatigue matting allows the person standing to constantly make small movements and change position, thereby maintaining blood flow throughout the body and reducing the amount of energy required by the heart to pump blood around the body, thereby reducing fatigue. This can aid in increasing employee productivity. Furthermore, the rubber surface of our anti-fatigue mats helps to avoid slips, making them suitable for locations where spillages may occur, such as kitchens.

Mats Are Important

Floor maintenance accounts for 40% of a business’ cleaning expenditure, so investing in the proper floor care solutions might save your firm money, and time, and increase employee well-being. It is critical to examine what mats you should use for your business and the benefits they may provide.

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