3 Epic Home Decoration Ideas for Chic Interiors

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Who doesn’t like a beautiful interior? People are always trying to up their game by adding unique features to their interiors to make their space look more exquisite and sophisticated. From the rustic style to a contemporary one, you are always trying to achieve the best look for your space.

Ideas for Chic Interiors

Have a look at these 3 epic home decoration ideas that can give you a chic interior and make your interior stand out more.

1. Timeless living rooms

A timeless living room exudes sophistication and confidence. These inviting spaces make your guests feel at ease and have a balanced design. These timeless living rooms are high on functionality and comprise durable and strong storage spaces with clean finishes. These classy spaces are styled classically with a neutral colour scheme and look elegant.

You can add a touch of modernity by using symmetric elements, artwork, and decorations. Experiment with these living rooms. Don’t follow a design but make a design of your own. At CenturyPly, they offer strong and durable Sainikplywood, which is one of the best materials for furniture andpartitions.

2. Modular kitchens

A modular kitchen is a kitchen incorporated with contemporary style and is built in a manner that saves space and organises your kitchen content in an organised manner. It is a modern kitchen popular in apartment homes in cities and is equipped with a lot of cabinets and cupboards, which make your kitchen space look neat and organised.

Laminates are hard-pressed to remove all the inner and air which reduces knotting. They don’t chip easily and come in various designs and shades. Glossy laminates are a good pick for modular kitchens as they are super smooth and reflective. These shimmery and glimmering Lucida laminates can become a defining feature of your kitchen and make it look spacier.

They make your kitchen look radiant and exquisite. The reason why CenturyLaminates Lucida laminates should be preferred for kitchen cabinets is due to their durability and gloss. CenturyLaminate Lucidaare long-lasting, stain-resistant, water-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. They are also equipped with Firewall technology and ViroKill technology, just like CenturyPly plywood.

CenturyPly also provides a lamination sheet for plywoodthat you can use over your plywood furniture in your kitchen. You can cover your plywood with these sheets and make them stronger and more beautiful.”

3. Accent Walls for your bedrooms

An accent wall is a single wall that is covered in a different design, colour, or texture as compared to the remaining three walls of the room. Usually, if you wish to give your room a traditional or rustic feel, you make use of plywood accent walls. You can design these accent walls in any way you want and give your room the desired effect.

Accent walls are popular due to their flexibility and are used to attract the attention of people towards a certain area of a room that otherwise might go unnoticed. It adds a decorative flair to your room and makes that one side of your room the focal point. These walls also make your room look bigger and add extra details to your space.

Features of CenturyPly plywood:

ViroKill: CenturyPlywood are hygienic and secure plywoods that protect you from any harmful organisms in the environment. It kills any microorganism as soon as it comes in contact with the material. It can kill microbes ranging from bacteria to viruses and protect the occupants of the room.

Heat-resistant: The plywood is heat-resistant and doesn’t catch fire or get heated up easily. This can give you a great sense of protection and also ensure that fire and high heat don’t put you in any harm. The heat-resistant technology in these plywoods is a great plus point and one of the reasons for their popularity.

Borer and Termite proof: The CenturyPly plywood is borer or termite resistant. Termite growth is quite common in wooden materials. These small animals can eat up your plywood or any other wooden furniture from the inside and decrease their lifetime. However, the termite and borer-resistant plywoods of CenturyPly have a long lifetime and can last forever.

CenturyPromise QR code: CenturyPromise is an app from CenturyPly that scans the QR code on each plywood sheet to prove that the plywood which you are buying is an original one and not a counterfeit version.

Waterproof: The CenturyPly plywood is waterproof. Thus, you can easily clean them, and water won’t seep into them. This also prevents the growth of mold within the plywood or any other microbe.


CenturyPly has a range of products to assist with your renovation or interior design. From plywood and veneers to laminates, we provide a lot of options to choose from. We have many types of  laminates , veneers, and plywoods, and we can also help you design your interior to give your home the best look.

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