Home Safety Upgrades: DIY Measures for Peace of Mind


Protecting your family and home should be a top priority. While no space can be made completely invulnerable, relatively minor upgrades tailored toward safety and security greatly reduce risks and provide invaluable peace of mind.

Replicating Designer Decor

Reinforcing Perimeter Access Points

Start by walking the interior and exterior perimeter of your home, making note of potential entry access points a trespasser could exploit as weaknesses. Front, side, back and garage doors should be solid construction with sturdy deadbolt locks as a first line of defense. According to the makers of SPAX screws, you should replace any hollow interior or exterior doors with steel ones, or at least install reinforcement strike plates secured with 3–4-inch flathead screws deep into the door frames’ studs.

Windows are a vulnerability often overlooked. Upgrade to laminated glass panes, which are stronger than traditional glass and difficult to shatter. Install electronic window alarms paired with motion sensors to be alerted to any activity or glass breaking. For ultimate protection, consider reinforcing windows with security film or plexiglass panels professionally sealed onto the window frames. Eliminating obvious weaknesses makes for a more secure facade.

Improving Interior Visibility

Strategically improve interior lighting to illuminate any darkened areas and eliminate blind spots where intruders could hide. Replace outdated fixtures with bright, energy efficient LED bulbs or pot lights. Install night lights along hallways and inside bathrooms to light emergency exit pathways. For existing solid doors, replace them with alternatives featuring glass panes or open ironwork designs allowing illumination to penetrate through.

Comprehensive Camera Surveillance

Camera systems with 24/7 recording, playback and app monitoring capabilities provide another invaluable security layer both inside and out. Install video doorbell cameras covering front, side, and back entries to visually identify visitors. Strategically position additional wired or wireless security cameras focused on interior entryways, living spaces, hallways, and windows.

Expand exterior coverage with weather-resistant cameras equipped with motion-activated floodlights and ultra sharp night vision. Choose cloud-based camera systems for unlimited offsite access to live and recorded footage anytime via smartphone. Well-documented video evidence also greatly aids police investigations and helps identify criminals to deter repeat offenses. Proper interior and exterior camera coverage essentially provides you with invisibility throughout the property.

Interconnected Smart Alarm Systems

Installing a centrally monitored smart home alarm system interconnected to all your security components provides real-time response to threats. Alarm control panel hubs armed with cellular data connectivity and battery backups sound onsite alerts while simultaneously contacting emergency responders. Connect motion sensors, security cameras, smoke detectors, flood/temperature sensors, door/window opening triggers and glass break detectors into the alarm system network.

Fire Hazards and Suppression Preparations

Deadly fire hazards pose another serious household threat. Have licensed electricians upgrade any outdated electrical systems to prevent overloaded wires and outlets from sparking house fires. Inspect central heating systems, fireplaces, chimneys, and flues annually to catch any code or functional issues early before they become catastrophic. Install multiple photoelectric smoke alarms with battery backups interconnected throughout living spaces, bedrooms, and hallways to allow quick detection and evacuation.

Keep multipurpose ABC type fire extinguishers readily available in strategic areas prone to fire like kitchens, garages, and bedrooms. Learn proper use and maintenance for extinguishers. For homes located in wildfire-prone regions, larger exterior water-based sprinkler systems with pumping stations along the roof and perimeter fences prevent structure ignitions.


Prioritizing proactive measures tailored specifically to your home’s vulnerabilities provides peace of mind that your family and property are well-secured. Protective preparations made today will continue providing security for many years to come. Keep assessments and upgrades ongoing as new risks emerge. Your family’s wellbeing is worth the effort.

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