7 mistakes not to make in the layout of your bathroom


Are you planning to redo your bathroom or have you simply planned to furnish the one in your new home? Know that you will have to plan. Because undertaking a renovation or a development is as scary as it is exciting. This is a privileged opportunity to bring a personal touch to your home. However, it’s a sizable investment, big enough that you’ll have to think twice before jumping in for good. If you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, but need some help figuring out how to do it right, use the tips in this article as a guide to your bathroom remodeling success and you’ll have all the cards in hand to bring it to life. what you imagined.

1 – Not having a precise idea of ​​the layout of your bathroom

Any great bathroom remodeling project should start with a little planning. Especially if your site plans to be substantial. Before you take care of the details like how you are going to remove the existing sinks, how you are going to remove the wall tiles in place, have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do. What do you want your bathroom to look like?

To do this, look for inspiration on decoration sites. This will help you gradually define your personal style. You do not have to stick to a particular trend, browse the different sites until you find the atmosphere that suits you. Of course, keep your budget in mind.

2 – Forgetting to consider the amount of his budget envelope

Once you’ve found some inspiration, it’s extremely important to be realistic about your budget. Consider how much money you planned to spend and the cost of your ideal project. While it may not be the most enjoyable task of all, reviewing your finances will help you get an idea of ​​what you can and cannot afford in terms of accommodations. That said, you can keep your project affordable with some tricks. First, get several quotes from different contractors before deciding who to hire. Then, to save labor costs, consider trying to do some of the work yourself. Finally, target stores that sell wholesale,

3 – Think design before thinking practicality

If you prioritize decoration over practicality, you are going to run into trouble. Put design aside and think functionality first. What layout, what layout, what space? If you have to knock down partitions or move plumbing items, it will be better to ensure first that everything is up to standard, then secondly that the whole thing allows you comfortable daily use. It is only in the third phase, once you are sure that everything will work efficiently, that you can concentrate on interior design and decoration.

4 – Make extravagant choices in terms of design

You can obviously choose the style that suits you and if it is extravagant why not. However, for the most important pieces such as the tiles or the shower, we advise you to remain fairly neutral, so as to reserve the extravagant elements for accessories that can be easily changed. First, if you get tired of them, it will be easier to replace them at a lower cost. Secondly, if you are looking to resell, future buyers will have an easier time projecting themselves. Keep in mind that choosing the main elements fairly neutral does not mean that your bathroom must have a boring decoration. On the contrary, give it your personality with accessories, which will be easier to change. Let your imagination run wild when it comes to bold paint colors, mirrors, towel racks and flooring.

5 – Skip the storage

If there is one aspect of bathroom design that is not very attractive and that is often forgotten, but which is nevertheless well appreciated, it is storage. Whether you want to store extra toiletries or a few towels for your potential guests, having them on hand whenever you need them is a big plus. If you have the space, even consider incorporating a large closet and shelves into or along one wall.

6 – Neglecting the ventilation system

It is a must have in the bathroom. Without proper ventilation, humidity will

remain in a vacuum. Over time, your bathroom will be covered with mold which will inevitably cause the deterioration of your paintings. Don’t neglect ventilation and make sure that the grid that will be installed or that your system is the right size to be effective.

7 – Rushing

You have made the decision to renovate your bathroom or simply to install a brand new one and you want everything to go very quickly. You should have it ready for tomorrow! However, take the time to anticipate and plan for its design and the costs involved – to avoid going over budget. Do not do things in a hurry so that you end up having to start over very quickly, which would have the unfortunate consequence of inflating your budget.

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