7 Laundry Tips and Hacks You Need to Follow

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Laundry can sometimes be quite overwhelming. Waiting, treating stubborn stains, or ironing can all be time-consuming. However, you can do simple things to reduce the time you spend by doing laundry and ensure that your clothes are in the best condition possible. Here are tips and hacks you need to follow to make your laundry routine faster and less complicated.

Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

A good washing machine is a key to a smooth laundry routine. For instance, companies such as Toshiba can offer a laundry washing machine that will fit the requirements of any household. However, if you do not keep your washing machine clean, it will not clean your clothes as well as it should. Then, it might take longer for your clothes to get clean.

7 Laundry Tips

Use Chalk To Defeat Grease Stains

Tough stains can be your enemy, and oil stains, in particular, might be hard to eliminate. Luckily, there is a simple trick that can make your clothes clean again. If you rub chalk on the oil stain, it will absorb the grease. Then, the clothes will be safe, and you can wash the garment as normal.

Take Advantage Of Mesh Laundry Bags

During the laundry process, it can be easy to end up with an odd number of socks or lose another small piece of clothes. To prevent getting your garments misplaced, take advantage of mesh laundry bags. If you put your socks there throughout the week, you will be more likely to have all your clothes even after washing them.

Wash Clothes Inside Out

Before you wash your clothes, you should turn every piece inside out. This way, you will be able to prolong their life and save money on replacements that could have been prevented. By washing the clothes inside out, you will minimize any damage to your clothes during the washing and drying cycle.

Avoid Creases With A Pool Noodle

Drying your clothes on a rack can help you save space. However, it can also create creases that you will need to iron before every wear. You can avoid any creasing and save your precious time with a simple hack. Try to cut a pool noodle and slip it on the rod of your drying rack. Then, your garments will not bend at a sharp angle and will stay smooth.

Soak Sweaty Clothes In Vinegar

Sometimes, your sweaty clothes can have a slight odor even after washing. Whether you work hard in the gym or in your backyard, you can make the clothes as good as new. Before washing, soak the clothes in vinegar. The liquid will absorb any odors, and once you wash the garments as normal, you will be able to wear them again confidently.

Make Clothes Dry Faster With Wool Dryer Balls

One of the things some people hate about doing laundry is how long they need to wait for everything to be done. You can cut down the drying time with wool dryer balls. They will tumble between the layers of clothes and ensure that they do not slump together. Wool dryer balls can help you reduce the drying time significantly, and you can get on with your day sooner.

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