3 mistakes to absolutely avoid when cleaning the house


Over the next few weeks, in addition to disinfecting common surfaces in the house to avoid spreading germs, many Quebecers will take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning . This chore helps us put our thoughts back in order, in addition to cleaning up the dirt that accumulates in our home. However, there are several missteps that you absolutely must avoid to avoid damaging your home or even seriously harming your health.

Here are 3 mistakes not to make when cleaning your house .

  1. Never flush your disposable cleaning wipes down the toilet

Container of cleaning wipes

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Getting rid of your wipes in the toilet is not as trivial a gesture as it may seem. Unlike toilet paper, cleaning wipes are not meant to be thrown down the toilet. The fibers of the fabric won’t disintegrate once in the water, and you risk clogging your plumbing pipes, or contributing to the huge clogs clogging municipal water systems. It is absolutely necessary to dispose of them by putting them in the garbage, or use  reusable wipes that will be washed afterwards. For more information about what goes in the trash, consult  the list of objects not to be flushed in the toilets  according to the City of Montreal.

Also beware of the marketing of certain products that suggest throwing them down the toilet, because your tank is reserved for doing your business and leaving the toilet paper there, period. Don’t take any chances, or you may have some nasty surprises.

  1. Don’t forget to clean the dryer’s lint filterHand of a person cleaning dryer suds

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We don’t think of it automatically, but it is very important to clean the suds that accumulate on your dryer’s filter. Ideally, this should be done before and after each use to prevent fire hazards.

  1. Do not mix certain chemicals

In this era where DIY is very popular in homes, recipes can circulate on the Internet to make our own disinfectant products. Make sure your information comes from reputable sources, and be careful when mixing chemicals together, as the result could be catastrophic and dangerous to your health. Here are some household cleaning products you  should never mix together.

Household cleaning products

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Ammonia and bleach

Both of these substances will produce toxic chloramine fumes. If the ammonia level is too high, the mixture can become explosive.

bleach and vinegar

This combination will produce toxic chlorine gas, which could cause chemical burns to eyes and lungs.

Rubbing alcohol and bleach

This mixture is dangerous for your nervous system, your eyes, your lungs, your skin, your faith and your kidneys. Besides the risk of nausea and dizziness, very high levels of chlroform can even cause death according to the EPA .

peroxide and vinegar

This mixture can result in an extremely corrosive solution. You may irritate your skin, eyes, nose, throat and lungs and suffer permanent injury.

Cleaning the house is good for morale and health, as long as we take the necessary precautions not to damage our equipment or our safety. So by following these warnings, all you have to do is put on some music, and presto!

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