Why Do Termites Invade Your Home?

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Termites are some of the most dangerous bugs for homeowners. They wreck thousands of homes in the US every year. They are the cause of damage in about 600,000 homes, the repair of which costs about $5 billion annually. But you must ask yourself, “Why do termites invade your home when there is so much wood outside?” 

The short answer to this is that your home does not only have wood but other food sources, water, and shelter. Your home provides them with everything they need to sustain. Getting rid of wood is not enough to Stop termite damage in Clermont Florida. Get professional pest control services today. 

What causes termites to invade your home?

Termites mostly form colonies around a food source. They thrive in damp and moist environments. Therefore, they constantly search for soft or rotten wood to feed on. Your home often ends up as a prime habitat for these damage-causing pests. Particularly, piles of wood inside and around your house attract these pests.

Termites tend to move from these piles of wood to the interior of your house itself. In a matter of time, these creepy crawlers can cause a significant amount of damage to your property. 

To prevent a termite invasion, keep the piles of wood about 20 feet away from your house. It is recommended to keep the wooden items in your house at least 5 inches above the ground level to stop termites from feeding onto them.

What are the early signs of termites?

While you notice you have a termite problem, there are certain signs that you might see. 

  • The first thing you will see is a group of swarmers finding a place to make nests. Do not mistake them for flying ants, as they appear similar. 
  • You will notice sawdust and termite droppings, called frass. Frasses are usually reddish brown and sometimes there is a liquid substance present in there. 
  • You can also notice blistering or bubbling on the paint of windows or doors. This is a prominent sign that termites are eating through the wood. 
  • The most obvious sign of termite infestation is spotting mud tubes. 

Besides, there are also other signs that you need to be careful about. 

What is the next step after spotting termites in your home?

It can be difficult to get rid of these creatures. Until you speak to a professional, you can follow various DIY methods and approaches. They can provide a quick fix to the problem. Once you have a temporary solution, know what to do next!

Make sure you contact pest control services.

If you notice a termite infestation in or around your home, consider calling pest control services to get an expert opinion. It is difficult to get rid of these pests on your own. These professionals are properly trained and are laced with tools and equipment to eliminate these insects. 

They will thoroughly inspect and carry out a termite control plan for your house. It will not cost you a large amount and will protect your property from getting damaged.

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