Which bathroom wall covering? Aesthetic and functional solutions?


To freshen up any room, the wall transformation is a very suitable solution. In addition, there are many ways to refine its interior by a global or partial change. So if you’re looking for modern ideas to renovate a wet room, here’s our guide to the various contemporary bathroom wall cladding alternatives. At your disposal a selection of the most popular solutions as well as many tips and tricks to make the best choice.Freshen up the wet room with a modern bathroom wall covering example of imitation wood bathroom wall covering, wet room layout with shower cubicleView in gallery

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Floor tileWhen it comes to wall covering for a water feature, tiling is a pretty decent solution. Its greatest asset: impermeability. However, if you opt for an all-over tile covering, you very often get a look that is too sterile and monotonous. Fortunately, today, we have the possibility to choose between a wide range of varied designs and colors and combine them for a 100% original and modern look. So, for example, if you like the Scandinavian style, the decor of the bathroom in white and wood is a perfect alternative. To do this, simply dress the walls in white tiles and create a warmer effect using imitation wood tiles. For fans of luxurious design, natural stone effect tiles are another perfect option that goes well with accessories and finishes in gold or copper.Opting for a bi-material coating is a popular solutionchoice of washable pastel pink paint, bathroom decor in white and pink with marble accentsView in gallery

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PaintApplying a fresh coat of paint can also help change the mood. Paint for the bathroom, in particular, should be moisture resistant. Two suitable alternatives are therefore acrylic paint and glycero paint. Pastel shades as well as dark shades of green or blue invite themselves perfectly to the humid space. Effect paint , for example anthracite gray imitating concrete, is also very trendy and helps us create an elegant and stylish atmosphere. When choosing paint, other factors to consider are also heat resistance and protection against mold or stains. In general, glossy paints are easier to clean.

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